Brush Cutters

As with any type of outdoor power equipment your requirements must guide your choice of a brushcutter.

For domestic applications, where the main duty is cleaning up edges and small areas where the mower cannot reach, a curved shaft whipper-snipper is suitable.

For larger scale use, such as clean-up duties around a few acres, or "mowing" large areas, the straight-shaft brushcutter should be used. Most straight shaft brushcutters can be fitted with a blade allowing you to attack blackberry, small saplings, even very dense and thick grass, etc.


Ask any landscape or forestry pro who they depend on for professional-grade outdoor power equipment and they'll say, "ECHO".

ECHO has been a worldwide industry leader in the development and manufacture of professional-grade hand-held outdoor power equipment for over 30 years. With a range that includes a curved shaft whipper-snipper and brushcutters with engines from 22cc to 50cc, Echo can meet your needs.

Echo are top quality machines, made in Japan, and offer an unbeatable 5 year domestic / 2 year commercial warranty. That commercial warranty is longer than the domestic warranty of most of the competition!


Made by Europe's largest maker of outdoor power equipment, Oleo-Mac products offer quality and durability in powered garden tools.

Obstacles no problem, however big or small. Gardens, ditches, undergrowth...we have just the cut you want.


Bushranger's range of brushcutters delivers exceptional performance no matter what your cutting needs are.