Irrigation Design and Installation

At The Right Stuff for Landholders we are irrigation specialists:

  • Irrigation system design, installation, modification, maintenance and repair


  • Sales, service and repair of pumps


  • A wide range of irrigation equipment and fittings


  • Installation, service and repair of bore pumps and control systems


  • Installation of rainwater collection systems, including tanks

At the Right Stuff for Landholders we service the Southwest through professional design, installation, maintenance, service and repair of all things water related.

We can supply your entire irrigation system, from design to the complete hardware outfit, through our retail outlet centrally located in Bridgetown.

Providing free quotes, our Water Management experts can visit your site and measure up your needs, from small gardens to large-scale orchards.

You don’t have to pay for an expensive plumber!

In most cases, where scheme water is not involved, The Right Stuff can install water supply to your house, shed, garden or water feature. Sourcing water through the installation of tanks and roof plumbing, bores or dams, we provide the right pump and irrigation fittings for the job, at the best price.

We also install rooftop and boundary Fire Systems and provide parts and servicing for all brands and types of pumps.