Lawn Mowers

When purchasing a walk behind mower a number of factors must be taken into account, including:

  • How large an area will you be mowing? Larger mowers are more time-effective on large properties, smaller mowers can be pushed beyond their designed duty cycle if asked to mow a too large area.


  • What sort of grass? Some of the domestic grasses grow to be extremely lush and thick even without much watering. A high powered motor is required to cut them.


  • Do you need to catch the grass clippings? Usually only a question applicable to lawns rather than paddocks. For some kinds of grass the clippings need to be removed to reduce the build-up of thatch and a catcher is essential. For other grasses the options are to leave the clippings where they are thrown, or to use a mulching blade and adaptor to finely chop the clippings and drop them back on to the grass.


  • Does the area to be mown, the slopes, and the expected frequency of mowing warrant a self-propelled mower?.


At The Right Stuff we offer mowers from the world's best manufacturers. All build their product in their own factories so they are not a generic product dressed up with colour and badge. 

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