Also John Deere models 110 and 112 with 38" deck (M43489); 38" cut Cox Lawn Boss 15.5 hp (late model) as the cutter deck belt (V48); 30" (762 mm) cut Murray selected LawnTractor and Heritage Tractor models including 312000X68A, 312000X68B, 312000X98A,312000X98B, 312001X11A, 312001X11B, 312001X11C, 312001X50A, 312001X50B,312001X50C, 312002X98A, 312002X98B, 312003X50A, 312003X50B, 312004X68A,312006X190A, 312006X50A, 312006X50B, 312006X50C, 312006X78B, 31200X11X,31200X11B, 31200X50A, 31200X50B, 31200X50C, 31200X51A, 31200X51B,31200X51C, 31200X98A, 31200X98B, 31200X98C, 312002X11A, 312002X11B and312002X11E as the cutter deck belt (037X74, 037X74MA, 37X74)

Belt deck John Deere models 60, 70, 100

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